Zack Symes


Zack Symes is the latest up and coming hip-hop artist on the Atlanta scene with very little of "The A's" iconic trap sound. In an attempt to bring back true artistry for hip-hop fans, Zack Symes is ushering in the return of real lyrics and conscious wordplay, all set over his own productions.

        "I think you should learn an instrument now;

            You can't just rap anymore."

His debut album "I Am Not a Rapper" was released in October of 2019 with the title track "I Am Not a Rapper", an eerie New York inspired boom pap production, as it's lead single

"In the hood your mom cries as you die for money/ Over

   here we cryin, cause I just hit a puppy"


Zack Symes is an artist, producer, can play instruments and has been an audio engineer for 15 years. What can't he do? This is what rap music has been waiting on. No face tats, no mumbling, and a real musician.

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Social: @Zack Symes

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