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A Deeper Look

A.M. (disc 1)

1. An A.m. LullaBYE (The Prologue)

:::: Where else to begin but at the very beginning? God's construction of man.

2. KinderGarden @ 2

::: Following the format the story continues in kindergarten, a song for the kids

3. Amnesia (interlude)

:::: This marks the chapter where we find ourselves young dumb and human.

4. Condoms & YoYos

::: Let's get drunk and in trouble

5. White Girl Wasted (skit)

:::: "You should come back to my place."

6. Tempur-pedic Tempos

:::: Netflix and chill, Red-box and hang out.

7. "I'm white. Let's move on"

:::: A very integral track on the album. I'm not a rapper.

8. Wake-Back-To-Bed (skit)

:::: A funny homage paid to my home state's way of life.

9. Out of My Body

:::: Secrets, knowledge, and the ultimate goal in life.

10. The Hospital (skit)

:::: I told you no Xanax Doc

11. Out of My Mind

:::: "I might be Peter-Pan and I'm dead"

12. Tea-Time (interlude)

:::: I think they want a club record.

P.M. (disc 2)

13. Dumb Rap pt. 1

:::: I can do ratchet rap too, better than you.

14. Dumb Rap pt. 2 (remix)

:::: Part 2

15. Fat 'Murica

:::: Have you seen our country?

16. The Beach (skit)

:::: I grew up 45 minutes from the gulf of Mexico and wanted it represented.

17. Wowzers! Really?

:::: "Welcome to the world of arguing and wal-marts."

18. My Love Song (skit)

:::: I love my dog.

19. Cubicle Cages

:::: A 9-5 was never, and will never, be for me.

20. I Quit (skit)

:::: I hate my boss.

21. Mondays

:::: I hate my job.

22. 50-50

:::: Divorce has become to common.

23. Saving Aladdin

:::: A Grammy deserving record about the 10,000 year war in the sand.

24. Last Will & Testament/The Credits

:::: We all die one day, sometimes too soon.

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